TV Rentals




Suitable for:

Meeting rooms
DVD launch
Product demo
Live events
Picture slideshows

You Can connect:

Laptop (HDMI/VGA)
DVD Player (HDMI)
Ipad (HDMI)
Iphone (HDMI)
Blu ray Player(HDMI)Player(HDMI)

Always advise what will be connected so we can bring the correct cables and adapters

If you want to hire screens to cover a medium or large venue then we can connect a limitless amount of screens together to the source(laptop/DVD ect). We have been doing this for many years and have great experience in making sure that everything is connected without a hitch and also that everything looks very tidy and professional.

The screens all have built in digital TV tuners for watcing live events. If you want to hire a screen to watch a live event then please ensure your venue has a sufficient aerial or satelite feed so that the hired screen can be connected. It is possible nowadays to stream live TV to a laptop and connect this to the hired screen. We strongly advise making sure that the stream works properly before commiting to this option.

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